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Singapore Cat Festival is organised by Furflr Pte Ltd.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there an admission fee to the Singapore Cat Festival?

    No, admission to the Singapore Cat Festival is free and there are no tickets required to enter the festival.


    Am I allowed to bring my pet to the event?

    Only pet cats are allowed at the Singapore Cat Festival. As such, cat owners may bring their pet cat to the event. We ask that they are at all times contained in secure transport crates or carriers and that owners exercise responsibility in cleaning up after their pets. Please do your part to keep the event space sanitary and free of pet waste.

    We ask that owners of other pets refrain from bringing their pets to the Singapore Cat Festival, so as not to cause unnecessary distress to the cats that will be present. We apologize to owners of pet dogs and other companion animals and look forward to organizing separate, curated events for you to attend in the future!


    How should I bring my cat to the event?
    Please ensure that your pet cat is brought to the event in a closed carrier or crate. For added safety, you may place a harness and lead on your cat, but please do not let your cats roam freely or outside of their designated holding spaces. Cats are easily spooked and you are encouraged to only bring them if they are comfortable in a loud and crowded environment.


    What modes of payment will be accepted?

    We recommend visitors to make cashless payment at the event as not all vendors may accept cash.


    What can I expect to do at the festival?
    There will be many brands for cats and small businesses showcasing and selling their products at the Singapore Cat Festival. You can also look forward to product showcases, an adoption drive, as well as a breed showcase where you will get to interact with and learn more about some interesting cat breeds!

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