Floor Plan

Brand Discovery Area A

A1: Zoë

A2: Schesir

A3: Catit

A4: Wellness

A5: Lulu’s World

A6: Stella & Chewy’s

A7: Gtech

A8: Nurture Pro

A9: Feline Natural

A10: Ciao

A11: Happy Cat

A12: Happy Cat

Brand Discovery Area B

B1: The Cat People

B2: Happy & Goodie Bag Redemption

B3: Nekoya Cat Hotel

B4: ASUKU Japan

B5: King Catnip

B6: Raw Instinct

Creative Bazaar

T1: Muffinsaurs

T2: Sneaky Whiskers

T3: Purrballs

T4: Furrplay

T5: Tailstore

T6: Tailstore

T7: Steak and Eggs Please

T8: Nutreats

T9: Kedai Koolcats

T10: Laugh and Belly

T11: Doc and Phoebe

T12: Pawfume Lab

T13: Catlink

T14: Loyalty Pet Treats