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We believe that your cat deserves the best. And that’s why we only put the best in Feline Natural’s pet food. Feline Natural’s unique core diets contain 99% grass-fed, free range beef and lamb, cage-free chicken, and sustainably caught fish from New Zealand. Designed for cats who are obligate carnivores, Feline Natural products are free of any grain, wheat, gluten, GMO ingredients, corn, soy, cereals, dairy, rice, potato or any other fillers.


Want to reward your cat for being extra special today? Or just for being such an adorable, ever-present friend? Feline Natural’s new healthy natural freeze dried treats are guilt-free, and made with wholesome New Zealand ingredients. This single ingredient treat will offer your cat a perfect blend of tasty goodness and nutritional value. Available in three delicious flavours – Chicken (barn-raised), Lamb (Grass-fed) and Beef (Grass-fed).



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