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Gtech – A household name in Britain and 25 other countries, synonymous with high-performance, user-friendly cordless floor care since it’s launch in 2001. Today, they
have sold over 22 million products worldwide and made life easier for millions with their cordless innovation. You can learn more about us at


Gtech K9 cordless vacuum cleaners – a smarter, better way to clean


The emotional perks of living with cats and kittens are undeniable, yet the challenges of cleaning their fluff and fur can be equally daunting. That’s why Gtech developed K9 versions of their award-winning floorcare range, AirRam, Multi and Powerfloor.


Traditional vacuum cleaners get pet hair clogged up in filters and tangled in brush heads. Gtech’s K9 models are strengthened with aluminium alloy components to withstand the wear-and-tear caused by coarse pet hair. Because your fur kid sheds everywhere, you’ll need a cordless, powerful vacuum that goes everywhere too. A swinging power lead can be too much fun for kittens to resist the temptation to chew on – the resulting danger is another reason to go cord-free. The K9 range also comes with refillable scented tabs to freshen the air as you clean. This makes cleaning up after your furry friends a more delightful experience!


Other much-loved features of Gtech’s floorcare range: Its proprietary AirLOC system that creates a vacuum to suck in both large pieces of debris as well as fine dust particles using a powerful rotating brush head, a removable dust compartment which can be emptied directly into your bin with a slide of the ejector arm, a powerful 22V lithium-ion battery that can be removed (and interchanged with a spare) with no need for a fixed docking station, the multiple attachments that can clean any debris stuck in the deep crevices of your car seats to the dust in the corners of your shelves and cabinets, it’s touch on/off button which improves maneuverability while eliminating any strain on keeping your finger on the trigger button.


We make clean living easy with our innovative range of award-winning, cordless vacuum cleaners. Now in Singapore!