Cat Welfare Society - Singapore Cat Festival
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Cat Welfare Society

About the brand

Cat Welfare Society(CWS) initiate fostering of tolerance and maintain harmonious co-existence with our nation cats through our islandwide stray cat sterilisation programme and focus intensely on community mediation. We aim to promote a humane , responsible and informed society in Singapore, where cats are cared for responsibly as pets and treated with kindness and compassion as community cats.


Join us at Singapore Cat Festival! There will be cute rescued cats for adoption and we will be sharing our knowledge on the value of adoption, showing kindness to community cats and responsible pet ownership though our education talk. Also keep a lookout for our adorable cat themed merchandises for sale and the proceeds goes to CWS to save more cats lives every day!

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Facebook: @catwelfaresg
Youtube: @CatWelfareSG
Website: Cat Welfare Society