Happy Cat

About the brand

Happy Cat, Happy Owner


Happy Cat originates from Germany and is a family-owned business, producing high-quality pet food for over 3 generations. Our quest towards optimal nutrition has led us to develop unique recipes for the health and vitality of your cat. As such, our recipes are carefully combined with a variety of all-natural ingredients.



Philosophy and Commitment


Happy Cat also sources our own raw ingredients, making it a personal commitment to ensure the safe origin of our food. Only high-quality proteins, combined with the valuable properties of herbs, are used in our products. We believe in providing only what your cat needs, based on their requirements through age, activity level, size and needs.


With Happy Cat products, you are ensuring in a totally natural way that your cat’s daily food is not just limited to protein from a single source. Happy Cat aims to provide your cat with a strong immune system and a healthy coat by supplying everything they need to benefit their body holistically.



What makes Happy Cat so unique?

Happy Cat make use of the whole biological variety of animal protein sources in our recipes – whether meat, fish or poultry. The result is a particularly well-balanced diet, rich in high-quality proteins and amino acids.


All in One Concept

This nutritional concept combines all the 9 essential components that are vital for your cat to stay healthy and happy!


Natural Life Concept

The Happy Cat Natural Life Concept combines natural products with health-promoting properties to ensure that your cat is supplied with everything needed to benefit the body holistically.


You can be sure with Happy Cat, as it is in our promise, to rely on the fact that, with Happy Cat you are feeding the very highest quality – “Made in Germany”.



Our brand values: Quality you can trust

  1. Happy Cat dry food is produced in our own factory under the most stringent conditions certifying the very highest “Made in Germany” quality.
  2. We guarantee maximum digestibility.
  3. Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
  4. We use natural ingredients and high quality animal protein.
  5. We do not do testing on animals.
  6. The strictest independent tests guarantee the highest level of quality.
  7. No added sugar, soya or genetically-modified ingredients.

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