Laugh and Belly

About the brand

Laugh And Belly, real name Siqi, is a chemist turned illustrator and self-proclaimed Pun Fu Master. She creates cuter than necessary illustrations with witty wordplay. During the festival, Laugh And Belly will also be opening pet portrait commissions, which can be completed in 30 minutes.


For Singapore Cat Festival 2019, Siqi will be specially collaborating with Joyce to make cat pouches/toys based on an illustration Siqi did. This collaboration product will be sold as a limited edition set – 1 cat pouch/toy by Joyce and 6 cat stickers by Siqi.


Joyce, also known as Beebeecraftycat specialises in amigurumi – the Japanese art of crocheting yarn into cute toys. Yummy traditional foods inspire her yarn creations most. And because she simply adores cats, she designs and makes accessories and toys for them too!

Find both of their work on their respective Instagrams!

Laugh And Belly’s Instagram: @laughandbelly
Beebeecraftycat’s Instagram: @beebeecraftycat