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Welcome to Lulu’s World of Cat Furniture

A comfortable design with the unmistakably timeless language of form. The combination of wood and textile extend an invitation to linger and to play. The cube, as a cave, represents the basis. Depending on the model, it is supplemented with platforms and scratching surfaces. Living Interior for your cat!


Lu-Cat Furniture

Simple installation, thanks to easy-to-understand assembly instructions. Easy to clean, thanks to insensitive surfaces. Goes with every interior style. All textile and scratch elements can be exchanged.


Lu-Cat Toys

Attractive cat toy line in a timeless design for discerning cats. With the combination of wood, metal, sisal and textile, cats are stimulated to indulge in active play. Easy to clean with replacements available. A whole new experience when it comes to scratching, hunting, climbing and catching!


Lu-Cat Scratch

A whole new scratch and play experience! For active cats. Innovative material combination. High quality and ecologically friendly packaging. Designed to care for your cat’s claw. Interactive toys for active cats.

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