About the brand

Handcrafted natural petcare, design for Asian cats to meet changing caring needs at different life stages. Made with cats’ appropriate natural botanical & certified organic ingredients. Freshmade in small batches every month.


Full collection includes :
1/ Pawfume – Crafted natural pet care, with bespoke for kittens option available
2/ T by Pawfume – Pet herbal glycerties
3/ Pawception – Pet microbiome care

Products Brief Introduction


1/ Cat Dry Wash Powder
Design for household & shopkeepers cats who in need of routine cleansing but do not enjoy shower. Made with food grade lick-safe natural ingredients.


2/ Organic Cat Wash
Biodegradable handcraft liquid wash. Made with distillery direct hydrosols and pH balanced for cats.


3/ Natural Paw Balm
Nourishing balm dedicated for paw care. Unscented formulation with 100% vegan natural ingredients.


4/ Pet Microbiome Care
Prebiotic/probiotic care to promote a healthier skin and gut microbiome for pets. Signature no-rinse wash is ideal for feline acne dry wash. Unscented & 100% vegan.


5/ Calming Cat Mist
Botanical stress relieving blend ideal for all including cats do not response to catnip.

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