The Cat People

About the brand

The Cat People specialises in “ Cat Safety” and “Catification”.


We bring 40 years of experience of cat behaviour understanding to you and your cats.  Our approach is holistic, taking into consideration all aspects of your cat’s wellbeing.   We know how cats think and we know what they need to satisfy their behavioural needs. We provide you with solutions and valuable advice that will ensure your cat is safe and well settled in your home.


With our specialised “Cat Safety Nets” , we transform your home into fulfilling safe haven for your cats.

Windows/Gates/Balconies/Catios/Gardens: we developed multiple solutions to cat proof your home and keep it beautiful and practical.


We design customised cat furniture and vertical cat wonderlands that will meet all your cats behavioral needs and give you daily enjoyment with your cats.  With our designs,  say goodbye to shaky, short and generic cat furniture. Everything will be carefully planned, blend into your home decor and calculated for guaranteed maximum usage.


Behavioural Consultation:
We teach you how to prevent and solve un-wanted behaviour with your cats through simple and engaging methods. If you are a first time cat owner or trying to integrate your cats and having difficulties or have a cat peeing inappropriately, you and your cats will highly benefit from our valuable advice.


A well adjusted safe cat is a “happy cat and a happy family”.

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