Singapore Cat Festival 2018

Leisure Park Kallang

5 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397693


Nearest MRT:  Circle Line – Stadium MRT (CC6)

Nearest Bus Stop:  Stadium Crescent – Singapore Indoor Stadium (B80199)
Available Bus: Bus 11

Nearest Carparks: Leisure Park Kallang, open space carparks, Indoor Stadium


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Kindly ensure your cat(s) are vaccinated and healthy. The Organizer reserves the right to reject any unhealthy cats or cats with fleas, ticks, illness or any other symptoms that may pose as a health risk for all other cats at the event.


Please ensure that your pet cat is brought to the event in a closed carrier or crate. For added safety, you may place a harness and lead on your cat, but please do not let your cats roam freely or outside of their designated holding spaces.

Cats are easily spooked and you are encouraged to only bring them if they are comfortable in a loud and crowded environment.


Pawrents should exercise responsibility in cleaning up after their pets. Please do your part to keep the event space sanitary and free of pet waste.


Pawrents are required to monitor their cat(s) at all times and are fully responsible for their cat(s). Kindly be conscientious towards each other.


Please sanitise your hands with the sanitiser provided before touching any cats.


Do ask the cat’s pawrent for permission before attempting to touch/handle their cat(s).


Kindly respect the tenants in the mall. Please seek permission before bringing your cat(s) in to other stores in the mall – especially for Food & Beverage stores as they have strict policies regarding pets.


The Organizer reserves all rights to reject any attendee and/or their cat(s).


The Organizer is not liable for any damage, injuries, disputes or disagreements. Please keep your cats with you at all times for their safety.



Photography, audio, and video recording may occur at Singapore Cat Festival. By entering the event areas, attendees give consent to all forms of photography and videography by the Organizer, its affiliates and representatives.


By attending Singapore Cat Festival 2018, attendees are aware that photos and videos of themselves and their cats may be published, from time to time, for commercial and/or promotional purposes on Singapore Cat Festival website, media sharing sites like YouTube, social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, and in print materials, at the sole discretion of the Organizer. Should you wish to have your photo or video removed, kindly notify the Organizer via [email protected]


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